• Being a Church of England Primary School

    Click the link below to view our latest 2017 SIAMs report!

     All Saints Wigston Outstanding Inspection Report (SIAMs. S.48 Ofsted)

    All Saints is a Church of England Aided Primary school. The school was established in the 1846 ‘to serve the children of the Parish of Wigston Magna to provide an education of the highest quality and instill spiritual guidance’.

    This still underpins the distinctive Christian ethos of our school, and is embedded in our mission statement today:

    We are committed to serving our local neighbourhood by offering in our school an education of the highest possible quality in order that our  children may realise their full potential; and the facilities and resources of our Community Centre to promote education, health and leisure for everyone.

     We are a caring community where attitudes of mutual respect and responsibility are fostered and promoted; where everyone is valued; where personal endeavour is encouraged and where achievements are recognised.

     We aim to ensure that Christian values underpin the ethos of the whole establishment and the curriculum provision.

     We attach high priority to developing good relationships and strong links within the wider community.

     We strive to maintain our buildings, facilities and resources in the best possible condition in order to provide a safe, welcoming and attractive environment for the whole community.

     This mission statement is the culmination of consultation with teaching and support staff, governors and parents.  It is owned by everyone and is intended to underpin all policies and practices of the school and our Pre-School.  

    As a Church of England Primary we are part of the Diocese of Leicester who guide, challenge and  support us in our Religious Education curriculum and programme of Collective Worship.

    Every Collective Worship is routed in Christian values. We develop each value every half-term. After each year group, our whole school curriculum planning is based on Christian values; this document can be found here.

    We also undertake an additional Inspection (SIAMS) as a Church of England faith school.  Click here to link to our latest SIAMS Report.  All Saints Wigston Outstanding Inspection Report (SIAMs. S.48 Ofsted)

    Development of our Christian ethos is also a strand of our Whole School Improvement plan which can be found here

    In RE pupils are taught to understand Christianity, as well as learn about major world religions: Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. We uphold an inclusive approach to teaching RE and an enquiry process in developing deeper knowledge of faith systems and religious beliefs.

    Our RE Policy can be down loaded here. Click here to link to our RE Curriculum for each year group.

    We celebrate and share in major religious festivals, and each half-term we develop one of our Christian Values across the school through Collective Worship.  The Christian Values which underpin our mission run through our interactions with each other, our local community and global view of the world and environment.  Likewise this is carried out daily as our Christian values influence our inclusive approach to the growth and development of all pupils, with a specifically inclusive and nurturing approach to meet individual needs, and remove barriers to learning.

    Christian values are also central to our curriculum planning and contributes to the richness of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development at All Saints.

    Our SMSC Policy  can be downloaded here, and click here to link to see how whole school curriculum planning is built upon Christian values. These directly link to the British Values in our school.

    Pupils are expected to engage in  a Christian based act of Collective Worship on a daily basis. Our Collective Worships follow Anglican traditions: giving and receiving peace,   a hymn, a prayer followed by ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. Four times a year we take our Collective Worship to All Saints Parish Church, and share our Church Services with the community.

    We constantly work with All Saints church to develop links between school and church. Father Trevor and Father Clive, who are based at All Saints, come into school to deliver Collective Worship once a fortnight, and other leaders from other Christian denominations also visit regularly to lead Collective Worship. Likewise each class will present a class Collective Worship, when parents and carers are invited to share worship with us. Our Christian theme for Collective Worship this half-term is ‘Truth and Truthfulness.’

    Our Collective Worship Policy can be downloaded here

    As an Aided school the Diocese also supports the maintenance of our buildings, and the Governing Body set the criteria for Admissions to our school. Click here to link to our Admissions page


    SMSC Policy Nov 2016-Nov 2019
    SMSC Policy Nov 2016-Nov 2019
    Collective Worship Policy
    Collective Worship Policy
    RE Policy
    RE Policy