• Family Link Workers

    The school’s Family Link Workers, Mrs Lynne Frith and Mrs Julia Moore, provide the following services to families:


    Family Drop In:

    The Family Link Workers are available every day, from 8.45am to 10.00am, and from 2.45pm to 3.30pm, to offer advice and support for parents on a range of issues. They are also able to direct families to other professionals or agencies that can provide help, such as the School Nurse.


    Supporting Families:

    We would like parents to have the opportunity to support their child’s education. The Family Link Workers are able to work with other agencies to offer a variety of courses for parents, as well as linking with the work of FAST, the Parents’ Fundraising Group.


    School Community:

    The school looks to build strong links with the local community, and the Family Link Workers liaise with, amongst others, Sure Start, the Church, Local Services, and families to provide a ‘joined up’ service.


    Bright and Early:

    For some families ‘Bright and Early’ provides a special and nurturing start to the school day. It is designed to offer personalised support to children and families with particular needs, and as such is by invitation only. As well as providing a healthy breakfast, the Family Link Workers also provide support with homework, reading, personal hygiene and the development of social skills.


    For More Information:

    Please contact the school office on 0116 2880013 or drop in during Family Link Workers’ hours, when Lynne Frith or Julia Moore will be  happy to help you. Or leave a message with Miss Tansley, Mrs Hartley, Miss Moore or Mrs Hamilton who will pass this on. Otherwise your class teacher and support staff will also be more than happy to put you in touch with either of them.