• Frequently Asked Questions.


    Consultation on the Governors’ proposal to establish SEN provision at All Saints Church of England (Aided) Primary School, Wigston.

    (A 10 place specialist unit for pupils with ASD diagnosis and EHCP)



    We will add to the questions as they arise.


    Will this affect my child’s education?

    There will be no changes to mainstream classes and children and parents will probably not notice any differences to the running of their child’s class. There will be close working with therapist support and multi-agency partners. Specialist support will be maintained within base.

     There will be some building/alteration work, and our open plan areas will be enclosed.  There will also be increased therapy rooms and provision which may be appropriate for some mainstream pupils to access, including the development of our outside areas, Forest school provision and animal husbandry.

     All Saints already supports nurture provision and targeted ASD support, this again would remain unaffected.

     There may be short planned visits to the school ASD hub or mainstream classes for specific pupils with their 1 to 1 support workers.

     Arrival and departure times will be staggered this will help with parking, and maintain low arousal levels for ASD pupils in the base.  This would not alter the All Saints school day.

     How will the provision be funded?

    The LA will provide funding for each pupil admitted. This will not remove funds from All Saints’ budget.

     How will the provision be developed?

    The base will start with a 1-2 pupils and build up numbers over the first 6 months, until there are 10 pupils in place. It is envisaged that an ASD teacher will be employed by the school from May to begin induction and outreach work with pupils and to set up provision.

    Where will the ASD base be?

    The teaching space, withdrawal room, toilets and cloakroom area in the teaching space which housed class JKRowling last year will be developed. Currently the library is here and this will be moved to a central location providing easier access for all pupils. A separate entrance will be created for ASD pupils to the base. 

    Will ASD pupils be in mainstream classes?

    The base will be a class in its own right, however for some pupils it may be appropriate to spend short planned visits with their key-worker alongside peers in our ASD hub, and over time with their key-worker in mainstream classes.

    Playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered accordingly and the ASD base will have its own lunchtime arrangements and support.

    What qualifications will the ASD staff have?

    Staffing will depend on the needs of the pupils, as outlined in their Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP) and this will be a blend of therapists and educationalists.

    There will be a specialist ASD teacher who will lead the unit with additional support staff. The ratio will be around 1 adult to 2 pupils.

     There will also be  direct input from Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists; there will also be other specific therapists (eg: yoga/art/music) as needed by the pupils 

    How will the ASD base be monitored and supported?

    The ASD teacher will be supported by the LA Autism Outreach Service and through local and regional networks. Development will be tracked through the Autism Education Trust. Usual whole monitoring arrangements will be in place to monitor individual pupil outcomes through progress updates and through EHCP reviews. We will work in partnership with local ASD provision to peer review the quality of provision and the base will be inspected by Ofsted through the school’s inspection cycle.

    How will the base be lead and managed?

    The base will be managed by the ASD teacher, who will be led by the school SENCos and fit into the leadership structure of the school under the Headteacher.

    Governance will be through the school governors and there will be a specific school governor who will be responsible for the Base.

    Development of the base until the end of its first full year in operation will be reported to a steering group which will comprise Head, Sencos, Chair of Govs, ASD Governor, LA representative, Diocesan representative, accommodation project manager, Business manager, parent representation and support staff representative.

     Existing pupils’ input will be sought from the school council.

     All Saints already has an ASD Hub and Nurture Unit, will these be affected?

    The Hub and the Nurture Unit (Class Darwin) will continue to work as they do now, but with close ties to the ASD base to compliment work in both areas.

    Will there be any benefits to the mainstream school? 

    The level of specialism and therapist support will add capacity to our school for all pupils, and continue to strengthen their quality first teaching and learning for all pupils.

     The level of inclusion will enable our pupils to continue to grow with respect and tolerance for all children, especially those which they are growing up beside in Wigston.

     The building alterations will enable our open plan areas to be enclosed and the library to be relocated to a central position.

     Development of the environment, including outdoor provision will be accessible to all pupils.

     Specific therapy rooms (sensory/ball pit etc.) will be available to mainstream pupils as required.

     Pupils who have siblings requiring specialist schooling will be able to access one school together.

    Will the head teacher decides who comes to the base?

    Admissions to the base will be in conjunction with SENA as this provision is for specific placements. All Saints is an aided CofE school, so all admissions are made through the schools’ Admissions Policy. Families wanting their child to attend the base will apply through SENA.

    All Saints is a Church of England School, how will this affect the ASD base?

    The base will be an integral part of the school and therefore will be Church of England.  The RE curriculum and Collective Worship elements of our school day will be presented appropriately to the pupils, as will the ethos and values that underpin this. As part of our consultation we will share plans with the Diocese to gain permission.

    Why have All Saints Governors decided to pursue this development?

    As an inclusive and outward looking primary school, All Saints is continually striving to provide the best education for each child on roll. We take pride in our ability to provide a first class education for pupils of all abilities. With this in mind, over the past two years we have successfully developed in house provision for pupils who have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis and now the Governors wish to extend this provision further.

     This base would place specialist primary ASD provision within the heart of Wigston, for local pupils and their families to access specialist provision with their community. By developing the provision the school will become a mainstream school with identified specialist provision.

     It is also envisaged that pupils would be able to transfer to local specialist ASD provision at Wigston Academy for KS3 and KS4, offering families continuity pf provision within the community in which they live.