• Gruffalo EYFS

    The curriculum plan for Class Gruffalo is created from four different starting points. Together a curriculum evolves over the year that balances key required learning in the Reception Year with pupils’ interests and whole school experiences.

    The four areas that define the projected curriculum are

    1) Aspects of learning in the ‘Prime’ and ‘Specific’*   areas that  pupils are challenged to encounter and master during their Reception Year in school. This is set out by the EYFS curriculum and mark key milestones of child development in early skills.

    2) The pupils’ interests. Alongside play, children are best inspired to learn through  their curiosity and  interests  as they continue to make sense of the world around them. Mrs Vickerman  and the staff team in Class Gruffalo,  carefully observe children to understand what their deep interests are.   This is also strengthened with information from home and families.

    3) At the start of the year there is a projection of typical topic areas and themes that will occur throughout the year.  This topics will scaffold learning as the mini topics based on pupils’ interests are linked in.  The projected curriculum map  makes sure that children coming into school, and making sense of the world around them, are experiencing relevant learning throughout the school year and as they grow and develop in maturity.

    4) Careful links to the life of the whole school,  and particularly KS1, so pupils in Reception Year can meaningfully take part in whole school experiences

    The plan below charts out how this is constructed, with projected topic/thematic learning set out at the beginning of the year.  As all seven areas of the EYFS are taught in context the topic learning embodies all these areas through out the year.  These topics are enhanced further by mini topics that follow and deepen pupils’ interests and areas of curiosity.

    *Click here for more EYFS Curriculum Information including Prime and Specific areas of learning


    Class Gruffalo projected curriculum/topic Map 2015-16
    This plan shows how projected topics for learning are charted over the year and how they link to whole school curriculum planning