• Parks, Hockney & JKRowling Yr 3&4 Curriculum Map 2016-17 (by subject)


    Please click below for the Curriculum Map for Classes Parks, Hockney and JKRowling  This  gives the topics and details subject  content  taught for the year by each half-term for this year.  Next year’s planning can be found in the  All Saints Cof E Whole School Curriculum Map 2015-17

    Letters to parents to support learning in each half-termly topic can also be found below.

    Please contact Mr Simpson in Class Simmonds or Mrs Gamble and Mrs Morris in Class Hockney if you would like any more information about ways to help your child learn in these areas or have any questions about your child’s learning.

    Thank you

    Curriculum map for Classes Hockney and Simmonds
    Details of topic and subject content taught in each half-term.