• IPC and Topics

    At All Saints we utilise the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to support our topic planning for the teaching of Foundation Subjects.

    Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology and Music are taught through the IPC topics. The IPC topics present learning for children in a vibrant and meaningful way, that help children to make links between subject areas.

    This supplements the content of the National Curriculum as Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural  (SMSC) understanding is also promoted throughout the units. So as pupils develop  knowledge, skills and understanding in subject areas they are also learning about:

    • their own identity,
    • perspectives of right and wrong,
    • how societies, including the UK function,
    • their responsibilities as young citizens locally and internationally.

    These aspects in turn support our work in promoting British values

    This also works hand in hand with our RE syllabus giving breadth and continuity across the whole curriculum at All Saints.  It supports pupils for adult life in 21st Century Britain, as well as engendering tolerance and respect for other cultures and societies.

    The topics for each year group are IPC units of work.  The subject content for each topic is mapped for all subject areas and can be found for each year group under the drop down menu on the left hand side of this screen.

    What is the IPC?

    The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) combines all the subjects of the National Curriculum in a  thematic, creative curriculum for 3-11 year olds. It has a clear process of learning and  specific learning goals for every subject,  international mindedness and for personal learning.  It supports and supplements  the National Curriculum.

    The IPC has been designed to ensure rigorous learning but also to help teachers make all learning exciting, active and meaningful for children. Learning with the IPC takes a global approach; helping children to connect their learning to where they are living now as well as looking at the learning from the perspective of other people.

    The IPC is used by schools in more than 92 countries around the world. To read more about the IPC, follow this link  http://www.greatlearning.com/ipc/the-ipc/what-is-ipc , or more information for can also be downloaded here , giving a background to the IPC.

    For more information about how parents can help children learning through the IPC click below on your chosen document

    This is an IPC leaflet for parents to help develop their children's attitude to learning.
    'Ten things you can say to your child''.
    This is an IPC leaflet for parents to help their children develop knowledge, skills and understanding.
    'Knowledge, skills and understanding'
    This is an IPC leaflet for parents to help their child develop understanding of their own identity, and their place within a global community.
    'Helping your child understanding their place in the worl.'
    A slide show introduction to the IPC for Parents and carers
    This overview shows how the structure of the IPC units and the way learning is put together supports children for tlife in the 21st Century