• Parents’ Focus Group

    The Parents’ Focus Group has recently started.  It is an informal  group that provides an opportunity for school to listen to and respond to positive ideas that parents and carers have to improve our partnership.  Run by Lynn Bradshaw, Julia Moore and Ann Saunders the group discusses a series  of simple prompts over  a cup of tea or coffee.

    The meetings run during the afternoon and early evening to maximise opportunities for parents to join in.

    Our first 2 meetings have focused on communications, and development of homework. Please click on the files below to read more.

    The next meeting will be at the end of the Summer term. If you would like to join the group, or just want to know more, then please contact Mrs Saunders, Julia or Lynn, who will be more than happy to hear from you. Alternatively you can contact the school office directly on 0116 2880013.

    Thank you.

    Outcomes from the Parent Focus Group Meeting in March 2013
    Read here to find out how we have responded to your sugestions about communications and homework so far.
    Outcomes from the Parent Focus Group Meeting in December 2012
    The first meeting focussed on communications and our website. Read here to find out more
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