• Pre-School Ofsted/Policies

    Inspection report: All Saints Church of England Primary School and

    Pre-School, 2–11 February 2016

    • Children start in the All Saints pre-school three-year-old class and the Reception class with knowledge and skills that are below what is typical for their age in almost all areas of learning, but particularly so in their literacy and numeracy skills, and their personal and social and physical development. All groups of children make good progress from their different starting points because teaching is effective. 
    • Good use of pupil premium funding ensures that disadvantaged children make rapid progress. Adults understand their needs and make sure they develop the key skills they need to learn successfully. 
    • All adults are purposefully engaged in the setting and place a high priority on the development of communication skills. They ask open and challenging questions that make children think hard and develop their language skills. For example, adults asked the children how they thought the ice had formed in the outside area and what would happen next. Children have good opportunities to count and learn about the relationships of numbers. 
    • Good-quality and inviting activities mean that children are keen to get started at the beginning of each session. Adults successfully encourage children to try a wide range of activities, so that they learn well in most aspects of the early years curriculum. Children make good progress in the development of early reading skills because of the secure and structured approach to the teaching of phonics. However, there are not sufficient opportunities for children to develop their writing skills and their progress is slower in this area of learning, particularly for boys. 
    • The early years provides a caring environment. Relationships are positive and this helps children settle into school quickly. Children’s behaviour is good. They listen to adults, follow instructions and learn and cooperate well with each other. They quickly develop self-confidence and learn to do things for themselves. 
    • This academic year All Saints pre-school started taking two-year-olds. There is a high staffing ratio and a warm family atmosphere. Adults are attentive to the children’s needs, encouraging them to discover through play and gently talking to them, promoting language appropriately.  
    • Safeguarding arrangements are good. Leaders ensure that children are safe in the early years classes. For example, staff have appropriate first aid qualifications to meet the needs of young children. Children know and follow the rules for playing safely in the classrooms and in the outdoor area.  
    • The early years is well led and the provision is constantly improving. The early years leader and staff work well together. Regular assessments allow teachers to plan focused activities for the children. The accuracy of teachers’ assessments of children’s progress is verified with the local authority and other local schools.  
    • Teachers engage well with parents so that they are well supported in helping their children learn, particularly in early reading and communication skills.  
    • Parents who spoke with inspectors were extremely positive about their children’s experiences in the early years. They felt confident that their children are safe and well looked after at all times.  

    Extracted from the Full OFSTED Report February 2016 which can be found on our ‘About Us’ page on the website.