• Curriculum

    The curriculum is what children learn at school and how they learn it.

    At All Saints we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Guidance (EYFS) for children in Pre-School and in their Foundation Year.

    Children from Year 1 to Year 5 follow The National Curriculum, this was revised in September 2014. We teach The National Curriculum on a two year rolling programme of topics. Our Curriculum Map for 2015-17 can be found here .All Saints Cof E Whole School Curriculum Map 2015-17

    The EYFS and The National Curriculum are set out by the Government, as a school we decide how to organise the teaching and learning of children to meet all their needs and make sure the best possible progress is made.

    The drop down menu will take you to pages with specific focus on the Core subjects of Literacy (including early Literacy and phonics), Maths and the EYFS.

    As a Church of England School RE is also a core subject.

    At All Saints  we use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to teach Science, and the Foundation Subjects of Geography, History, Art, Design, IT and Music.

    PE and French are also Foundation Subjects, Mrs Desjardin is a language specialist who teaches French and Mrs Norton and Mr Smith our Sports Coaches, support our PE Curriculum.

    Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development underpin teaching and learning at All Saints. This is reflected through our teaching and the day to day enactment of our values and mission statement. However it is also specifically and directly taught through discrete lessons, curriculum based experiences and events organised  throughout the school year and our half termly focus on Christian values and personal goals. This is  clearly plotted into the Whole school Curriculum Map and in the Planning for each class/year group, and gives context to how we promote aspects of British Values

    The Wider Curriculum  also includes other activities, clubs and experiences the school provides for children, and our approaches towards teaching and learning in school, including being a Church of England School.

    To read more about how classes are organised at All Saints and our approach to teaching and learning click here Organisation of Teaching and Learning at All Saints. 2015-16 i

    You can also share our curriculum planning for each class for the year  by each half-term.   Select your child’s class from the drop down menu under ‘IPC and Topics’.  Planning is rotated over a two period for Years 1&2,  3&4,  and 5&6.  This now includes planning for Year 6 as they will being remaining with us  from September 2016.


    At Saints, through all teaching, activities and experiences, we aim to support and develop resilient learners, who have the confidence, independence and creativity to think deeply and sustain concentration and engagement in a task. To do this we  plan to build the following aspects into all learning opportunities:

    • A core of self-belief, building on nurtured well-being, strong attachments and respect for others.
    • Effective communication, including emotional literacy, non-verbal communication,  language and literacy in all forms and effective use of ICT
    • Creative and curious inquirers,  embedded in realistic opportunity of experiential learning.
    • Independent thinking, developing independent learning skills and learning how to learn. Supporting critical thinking skills to ask the big questions in life.
    • Persistent  problem solving and reasoning enabling children to apply basic skills (maths, literacy, ICT)  and show perseverance in seeing a task through.